Ugandan artist Alon Kabaale found himself at a loss when he arrived in Adelaide a week ago to display his artwork at a Thebarton Deli. The venue had since changed ownership and is currently undergoing renovations, meaning Alon was unable to display the work he had brought all the way from his home country.

Struggling to find another venue at the suggestion of the Fringe, Alon approached St Peter’s Cathedral on Wednesday to see if we would be able to accommodate his work. The artwork immediately caught the eye of South African born Dean of St Peter’s Cathedral, The Very Reverend Frank Nelson, who offered space in the Cathedral for Alon to set up a ‘Pop up’ Gallery.

The artworks are African style Batiks and paintings as well as bags, jewellery and other items that Alon has made along with other Ugandan artists.  Alon has travelled around the world to display his work including South Korea, China, Turkey, India and Kazakhstan.

The money raised from the sale of the works goes to support the grassroots Building Bridges Uganda organisation that works with children, youth and communities to educate and promote better and healthier lifestyles through training and community engagement. More about the organisation can be found here

The artwork is available for viewing and purchase in the Cathedral during regular visiting hours (Mon-Sat 9.30-4.00pm, Sun 12.00-4.00pm) from now until 6th March.

The ‘pop-up’ gallery adds to a range of other events being held in the Cathedral for this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival.