Children’s Education

Cathedral KidsP1390736

Sunday School/Cathedral Kids is held during the 10:30 Eucharist on Sundays, teaching is offered for children in the Cynthia Poulton Hall.  All babies and children who attend the service are invited to be part of the program. The children leave following the Gospel procession and return for Holy Communion. Parents are welcome to accompany their children.  Alternatively, there is an activity area set aside for children in the aisle on the pulpit side of the Cathedral.

Admission to Communion

Children who are 7 years of age and older and are baptised (‘christened’) are allowed to receive Holy Communion after due preparation.  Classes are offered from time to time.  Preparations involve a 4 week course that is held at the same time as the Cathedral Kids – Sundays 10.45am to 11.30am (during the 10.30am Choral Eucharist)