The Cathedral Choir

St Peter’s Cathedral Choir has been singing services in the Cathedral for over 130 years. It is a ‘working’ choir – its primary function being to sing the praises of God at services in the Cathedral (which it does three times a week). Unique in Adelaide the treble line consists of boys and girls drawn from local schools. Many of the Lay Clerks (men and women) have been trebles in earlier days. A wide range of Cathedral repertoire is sung spanning some five hundred years of music—making.

Trebles are recruited following an annual “Chorister for a Day” in September, and will usually spend some months in a training choir before formally becoming probationer choristers. A high standard of sight-singing is taught and all choristers enjoy a well-rounded musical education in the context of the sacred space of St Peter’s Cathedral. The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) “Voice for Life” teaching programme is used.

Over the years a number of CDs have been made (see the Cathedral Shop), television services recorded and concerts, often in conjunction with leading musicians of Adelaide and further abroad, sung. The Choir are leaving for the UK to tour this Boxing Day, December 26 2019, where they will be singing in many beautiful Cathedrals.