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The Third Sunday in Advent - Sunday 14 December 2014

Welcome : There’s an extraordinary sense of excitement pulsing its way through the readings set for today’s services. The dream seems to be bigger and better than ever. But is it just a dream? As Christians we are invited to live into the dream. It is, after all, God’s dream. It’s a dream encapsulated in the Lord’s Prayer when we pray, as Jesus taught us to, ‘your kingdom come, on earth as in heaven’. The colour of the candle for the 3rd Sunday of Advent reflects this excitement.

For twelve straight nights, and most of each day, the Cathedral has resounded with the singing of God’s praises by school after school, each with their particular take on what a carol service should really be like. Add a couple of Christmas concerts, an ordination, a wedding and baptisms and it’s a wonder there are any left standing. This is the Cathedral at its best with the rhythm of daily worship providing a framework for all these other activities. I am deeply grateful to Cathedral staff, Stewards and Catering Team. Well done - and all to the glory of God.

Welcome to all who enter into this sacred space today. Come walk the dream!

Thr Very Rev'd Frank Nelson


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