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We do hope you will join us for worship this Sunday August 30. This Sunday is designated Refugee and Migrant Sunday by the National Council of Churches, which includes our Anglican Church of Australia. Barely a day passes without some mention on the news of (another) refugee crisis, boats capsizing, people rushing a border fence or forcing their way on to trains, heart-breaking images of parents and blank-faced children. Speaking two years ago on the island of Lampedusa, just 100km from Tunisia, Pope Francis said, “In this globalized world we have fallen into globalized indifference. We have become used to the suffering of others: it doesn’t affect me; it doesn’t concern me; it’s none of my business!” But of course it is our business, enshrined in the Second of the two Great Commandments – love your neighbour.

There may be global indifference, but that doesn’t have to be the case everywhere and certainly not at St Peter’s Cathedral. Let’s continue to reach out to all who enter our doors (Cathedral, city, country, lives).

The Very Rev'd Frank Nelson




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