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Andrei Rublev’s beautiful icon, painted about 1410 AD, depicting the three angels who visited Abraham at Mamre, is often thought to depict the Trinity. It is one of many attempts to put into picture form this most interesting and inviting understanding of God. Far from being afraid of the concept of the Trinity, for me it is an invitation to be caught up, as Isaiah was, in the worship of God, revealed to us as creator, saviour and bearer of life. As with all attempts to fully understand and explain God, our language and creatureliness limits us. In the end, prompted by the Holy Spirit, we respond to the call of Jesus, the Son, to enter the presence of the Father and be embraced in God’s love.

As your preachers this Sunday, Jenny and I will offer you our thoughts and reflections on Trinity Sunday. By the way, how many depictions of the Trinity can you see in the Cathedral?

In the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit – welcome to all who worship in St Peter’s Cathedral today.

The Very Rev'd Frank Nelson



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