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Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost - Sunday 31 August 2014

Welcome: In a sermon preached a few months ago, Lynn Arnold made reference to the meaning of the nick-name of our patron saint, Peter. Where most of the time we focus on Peter the rock, the solid foundation on which the Church is built, some suggest Jesus was actually making gentle fun of Peter’s rather ‘rocky’ nature. We see that in today’s Gospel reading. Last week Jesus praised him for his insight, this week Peter is rebuked with some rather strong language. (See Matthew 16: 21ff)

Despite our failings, God consistently uses ordinary people, people whose faith and commitment is often ‘rocky’, in the most extraordinary ways. Think of Moses, spoiled rich kid turned murderer, called to be the saviour of his people; think of Paul, enemy number one of the fledgling church, turned apostle to the Gentiles; think of Peter, three times denier, ‘rocky’ by nature, foundation of the Church. Perhaps there is hope for each one of us as we too take up our cross and follow the Christ.

Choral Evensong is one of the gems of Anglican cathedrals. In the sense of a true icon the sheer beauty of a singing choir draws us beyond ourselves into the presence of God. If you’ve never tasted it, do.

Welcome to all who, however ‘rockily’, follow the crucified and risen Christ.

The Very Rev'd Frank Nelson

Faith in the Public Square

The Reverend Dr Lynn Arnold

In order to help us better understand what Jesus’ calls each of us to do in loving our God and our neighbor, the Thinking Aloud Allowed conversazione series will explore a series of important issues.

Conversazione on "The Criminal in our midst" -

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