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29nd March 2015 

I love Palm Sunday. Among my memories are many years of sitting around tables making the crosses (as a child and then in almost all the parishes I have served in). The day has such a mix of emotions – the jubilant branch-waving crowds and the sombre reading of the Passion, the excitement of at last coming towards the end of Lent but knowing that the difficult readings of betrayal, denial, arrest and suffering are still to come.

A cathedral offers such a rich tapestry of services in Holy Week. I hope you will make the most of them. Each has its particular poignancy and message – all are part of the journey. That’s the theme for the final sermon in our Sunday Evening Lenten series. Tonight’s sermon is followed by the Choir singing the Anthem Improperium by Palestrina – a piece which reflects the grief of Jesus in his loneliness and pain on the cross.

Welcome to all who worship God today and who travel the Way of the Cross through Holy Week and on to Easter Day.

Frank Nelson



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