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This Sunday morning, 19 April, as we celebrate the Third Sunday of Easter, we will continue our engagement with the stories of Jesus’ resurrection. Sunday morning’s story from Luke 24 sees the disciples frightened and puzzled when Jesus appears among them. Jesus speaks words of peace, eats with them and ‘opens their minds to understand the scriptures’. As we gather for Eucharist, we too will be given God’s peace, and we will be offered Christ’s presence in bread and wine. We, also, will have time to reflect upon the scriptures and to hear them speak into the places where we find ourselves frightened and puzzled.
On Sunday night, Choral Evensong will be sung by the Royal School of Church Music Choir (SA Branch) which will be rehearsing in Adelaide this weekend. The Choir will be conducted by Andrew Reid, Director of RSCM (UK). We do hope you will join us for this musical celebration.

On Sunday morning, 26 April, we will celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Easter. At our services, our attention will turn from accounts of the resurrection to a story in which Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd. The context is the temple – Jesus is challenging the religious leaders with two contrasting images of leadership– that of the hired hand who abandons his sheep at the first sign of threat – and that of the Good Shepherd who knows his sheep, calls them by name, and is even prepared to die for them. As we gather for worship in this Cathedral, we are invited to ponder the possibility that God knows and loves us as the Good Shepherd loves his sheep.

On Sunday morning at 10.30am, we will welcome back the Cathedral Choir from their well-earned holiday. We look forward to their enriching our liturgies with their music.

Tomorrow, on Anzac Day, we will remember the Centenary of the Gallipoli landing. On Sunday night, St Peter’s Cathedral will host a Diocesan Service to commemorate that centenary. The central presentation at this service will give a first-hand picture of the campaign, and of the Anzac legend, from the declaration of war, through the Gallipoli landing and the campaign, to the evacuation and beyond. This presentation is drawn from letters, diaries, songs, poems and reminiscences of the people at Gallipoli, and their families at home. Compiled by Rob Croser, a Lay Canon of the Cathedral, and Artistic Director of Independent Theatre, it will be presented by four actors from Independent Theatre - all in authentic uniforms and costume. There will be an opportunity for members of the congregation to place rosemary in a memorial cross and the Archbishop will light the Pascal candle before leading a time of rededication to Christ’s way of peace. This promises to be a most profound service. We do hope you will join us.

Jenny Wilson
Canon Precentor



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