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The Presentation of Christ in the Temple - 1 February 2015

Welcome - This Sunday we remember the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.

Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” Cathedrals, churches and temples at their best are places where we can sit with the truth of our lives, with the blessings and the joyful things, with the difficult and painful things, with the longing for God’s blessing on ourselves, on those we love, on our troubled world.

This morning we will hear the story of Jesus taken as a baby to the temple in Jerusalem for the rite of purification and of the old and deeply faithful man, Simeon, who, seeing this baby, knew him as the Saviour of the world. Simeon’s words are sung each evensong in the canticle known as the Nunc Dimittis. At evensong this Sunday, we will hear the story of the adult Jesus’ encounters in the Jerusalem temple with those who would exploit the house of God, what Jesus names “a house of prayer”.

In our own Cathedral, prayer is richly blessed by the presence of music. This morning, we welcome home our Cathedral Choir from their successful Tour of England and Paris. This morning, most significantly, we give heartfelt thanks for the ministry and gifts of our Principal Organist, Shirley Gale.  We warmly welcome her into her new role of “Organist Emeritus” after 30 years of playing in our midst. We hope you will join us for a celebratory morning tea after the service.

Jenny Wilson
Canon Precentor


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