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King of Kings - Sunday 23 November 2014

Welcome : This Sunday, the last Sunday of the Church’s year, we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. The readings invite us into an image of a king and, indeed, a kingdom that is profoundly counter cultural. The kingdom of God is not confined to a place but is perhaps better described by the word “reign”. This year we have spent time with the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus’ ministry in this gospel is characterized by blocks of teaching interwoven with periods of action.  The reign of God is introduced by that strange series of blessings that we know as the Beatitudes. In this reign, imaged in Christ, we are blessed when we are in places of literal or spiritual poverty. This morning’s gospel reading from Matthew Chapter 25 drives this point home. Jesus says that we have fed him, clothed him and welcomed him when we have fed, clothed and welcomed the most vulnerable in his family. In the faces of the least, we will see his face. In caring for least, we will care for him. Strange king, indeed.

Don’t miss our Advent Carol Service next Sunday night at 7.00pm.


The Rev’d Canon Jenny Wilson
Canon Precentor

Faith in the Public Square

The Reverend Dr Lynn Arnold

Activities for 

November 2014

Chewing the Facts -

Monday 10 November - Circulating Library, State Library of South Australia 1-2pm.  This month's topic "War and Peace", Professor Emeritus Trevor Wilson, Rev’d Neil Mathieson (Army Chaplain) and Mayor Lachlan Clyne (Lieutenant in the Reserves) will be discussing the issues of War & Peace, the concept of a Just War, Christianity and Conflict amongst others in this year when we reflect upon the fact that one hundred years ago World War I began – the War to end all wars.

 Faith in the Public Square Book Club

 Wednesday 12 November - Meeting Room, Cathedral Office, 7-9pm.  This month we will finish discussing Jayakumar Christian's "God of the Empty-handed: Poverty, Power and the Kingdom of God" and begin discussing Valson Thampu’s “Be Thou my Vision: Resources for Spiritual Healing” – a wonderful book, written as a centenary celebration of the founding of the Christian Medical College in Vellore, India.  We will be discussing the opening chapters of this book; copies of these chapters can be forwarded on request.  Newcomers most welcome.

Thinking Aloud Allowed Conversazione

Tuesday 25 November in the John Dunn Room, 7-9pm.  On Christ and Politics – would Jesus have voted?  I will be our Thought Provoker on this occasion. We will be confronting questions such as: "Can a Christian really remain unsullied in the political fray?”, “Should Christians let modern Caesars just get on with things?” and many more.


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