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Seventh Sunday after Pentecost - Sunday 27 July 2014 

Welcome: This morning’s reading from Matthew’s gospel has Jesus telling parables. He then asks his disciples, “Do you understand?”  It may well seem that parables are meant to be readily understood, to be somehow incorporated into our view of the world.  However, it is possible – indeed, likely – that they are more subversive than that.  It may be that Jesus told parables to disturb, to puzzle, to leave his hearers with the sense that they have not understood.  A parable, instead, may be like the grain of sand that irritates an oyster, through which a pearl is formed.  The pearl is wisdom, an insight into the ways of God.

As our world struggles to come to terms with images of devastation in Ukrainian fields and in the streets of Gaza, and as our hearts go out to those who have been bereaved there, we must surely know that there is little that is straightforward about God and the way of faith. 

On Sunday morning we will hear the parables of the treasure found in the field and the pearl of great price for which the one who found them sold everything he had.  We will spend time reflecting on what these parables might mean and why they might be more puzzling than they first appear.

We do hope you will join us for Evensong tonight at 7pm when the Cathedral Choir will sing canticles ... and the anthem ...

The Rev’d Canon Jenny Wilson

Faith in the Public Square

The Reverend Dr Lynn Arnold

In order to help us better understand what Jesus’ calls each of us to do in loving our God and our neighbor, the Thinking Aloud Allowed conversazione series will explore a series of important issues.

Conversazione on "The Criminal in our midst" - Thursday 31 July, 7-9pm, Cynthia Poulton Hall

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