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Central to Anglican worship on a Sunday morning is the Eucharist. In the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) the Eucharist is closely linked with the Last Supper, in turn linked with the ancient Jewish festival of Passover. But John’s Gospel is different. In John the feeding of the 5000 (incidentally the only miracle story recorded in all four Gospels) plays a vital part in the Gospel narrative. Through the feeding, and the calming of the storm in the story immediately following, Jesus is identified with God the Creator and Provider.

Over the next five weeks we will get to know John chapter 6 very well, and come to a deeper understanding of the Eucharist. For this week, let’s concentrate on the links between Old and New Testaments, and the picture of Jesus which John offers us.

Welcome to all who are drawn today to share the common meal we call Eucharist. May we be as generous with our bounty as the boy was with his picnic lunch.

The Very Rev'd Frank Nelson



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