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Third Sunday after Epiphany - 25 January 2015

Welcome - Those who enjoyed “The Mark Drama” last week will appreciate the urgency found in Marks’s Gospel. This urgency is clearly shown in today’s Gospel reading when Jesus begins his work with the words: “The time is fulfilled …” (Mark 1: 14). In a sense the time is always fulfilled, it is always time to repent and believe the good news. Sunday by Sunday our preachers attempt to tease out the implications of living in this ‘fulfilled time’ as people of repentance and belief.

Pick up a copy of the brand new edition of Cathedral Notes today. Make sure, too, that you have the new brochure “Growing in Godliness” which outlines opportunities for adults to learn, discuss and grow in the faith in 2015.

Welcome to all who worship in this sacred space today.

The Very Rev'd Frank Nelson


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