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Sixth Sunday after Pentecost - Sunday 20 July 2014 

Welcome: Weeds – flowers/plants in the wrong place. We’ve all heard that definition of weeds, but what did Jesus understand by weeds in this week’s Gospel parable in Matthew 13? The explanation offered is that the weeds are ‘the children of the devil’. Not the sort of language that sits comfortably with us today. It is all too easy to think as ‘weeds’ those who are different to us, whom we dislike, don’t understand, are fearful of. If there is one strong lesson from the parable it is that judgment is for God,
           not us.

Welcome to the Venerable Paul Mitchell, Archdeacon of the Para and priest at Prospect, as he preaches at Evensong. Paul is also a member of the new Cathedral Chapter.

I shall be in Melbourne Monday to Friday this week, attending a training session as part of the national training team for EfM mentors. EfM is a Christian education programme for adults which involves both academic study and rigorous theological reflection in today’s context.

Welcome to all who worship God today.  You will notice that the Lord’s Prayer has been moved to follow the intercessions.

Frank Nelson


Faith in the Public Square

The Reverend Dr Lynn Arnold

In order to help us better understand what Jesus’ calls each of us to do in loving our God and our neighbor, the Thinking Aloud Allowed conversazione series will explore a series of important issues.

Conversazione on "The Criminal in our midst" - Thursday 31 July, 7-9pm, Cynthia Poulton Hall

Follow his blog at http://faithinthepublicsquareadelaide.blogspot.com.au/



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