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Twentiethteenth Sunday after Pentecost- Sunday 26 October 2014

Welcome : Transitions in life are never particularly easy, but there are ways of making them positive. One way is to look back and note what has been achieved, where one has come from, and what the values were that informed the previous chapter or season of life. In today’s readings, both morning and evening, we see something of this happening. Close to death, Moses is reminded of the promises made by God to his ancestors. Jesus, moving inexorably closer to his death, reminds the critical Pharisees of their own teaching about God’s Law: that the two great commandments are to love God and love neighbour. Take a moment today to re-examine the foundations of your beliefs and values. How do they measure up against God’s?

Using a lectionary is a great way to be disciplined in reading the Bible. Lectionaries for 2015 are now available to purchase in the Cathedral Shop, as is the new range of Anglicare SA Christmas cards.

Welcome to the families of Hudson and Miles as they present these little people for baptism. Welcome to all who worship in St Peter’s Cathedral today.

The Very Rev’d Frank Nelson

Faith in the Public Square

The Reverend Dr Lynn Arnold

Activities for 

October 2014

Monday 13th October 

Circulating Library, State Library of South Australia 1-2pm


  - This month’s topic “Surrogacy”, two speakers will be presenting alternative views on the subject which will be followed by questions and discussion.


Wednesday 15th October 

Meeting Room, Cathedral Office, 7-9pm


- This month we continue discussing Jayakumar Christian’s “God of the Empty-handed: Poverty, Power and the Kingdom of God”. 

We will be discussing chapters 10 and 11 this time. Copies of these chapters (and earlier ones) can be forwarded on request. Newcomers most welcome.


Wednesday 22nd October 

Cynthia Poulton Hall, 7-9pm


- On Poverty.  Shaun McGrath of St Lukes will be our Thought Provoker on this occasion. We will be confronting questions such as: “The poor will always be with you - REALLY?” and “Is the church no more than a Band-Aid 

merchant when it comes to poverty?” and many more.


Sunday 19th October - Evensong, 7pm

Special sermon:

The guest preacher will be Dr Ron Nikkel, International President 

Emeritus of Prison Fellowship International.

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