It will not have gone unnoticed that the choir stalls have been roped off. On Wednesday 22 June a palm-sized piece of render fell from the top of the archway above the choir stalls – over 18 metres up. Fortunately no-one was seriously hurt in the incident.

Over the past few days temporary mobile scaffolding was installed which enabled a careful inspection to take place by the experts, including a structural engineer. Unfortunately the damage is not limited to the pinnacle and we will have to do work in the whole choir stall area. Under the direction of Progetto Design, sturdier scaffolding will be erected from Monday 18 July and remedial work done. It is expected to take about three weeks. The costs of course are not inconsiderable and we are exploring ways of funding these repairs. It is not an insurance matter.

In the meantime the choir stalls will remain sealed off as a safety precaution and we will continue to improvise for worship as best we can. It is likely that a few of the front pews will need to be removed to allow more space for the nave altar. For the next few Sundays the choir will sing from under the flags and both piano and chamber organ will be used.

The contractors are very aware of the need to be able to use the whole Cathedral for the Archbishop’s farewell service on Friday 19 August.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Dean or one of the Wardens should you have any questions.

Stephen Mathew
People’s Warden    

Joe Thorp
Dean’s Warden

Frank Nelson

7 July 2016