‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.’
Isaiah 43.1

The unafraid pray in the morning, care through the day, and rejoice at night in thanks and praise, while the frightened are endlessly restless and dissatisfied.

~ Walter Brueggemann


‘This is Lent. We are in a season on the way to new life, but now it is time for passion, suffering, death, denial, repentance. In our Lent we yearn for Easter. In our deathliness, we wonder about the gift of life.’
~ Walter Brueggemann


‘Jesus said, ‘Let them deny themselves.’ To deny self means to recognize that I cannot be a self-starter, cannot be self-sufficient, cannot be self-made or selfsecuring, and that to try to do so will end in isolation and fear and greed and brutality and finally in violence. The alternative to self-focus is to move one’s attention away from self to know that our life is safely and well held by God, who loves us more than we love ourselves, to relish the generosity of God and so be free from anxieties and needs and hungers.’
~ Walter Brueggemann


‘Lent is a time when we ask about the meaning of repentance. Lent could be a time not when we think about all the sin and suffering and self-denial that have been traditional with us, but when we ask in fresh ways what the people clustered around Jesus make of the world they are in.’ ~ Walter Brueggemann