by Dr Francis Brooks

Mondays in May 2016, beginning 2nd through to 23rd 7.30pm in the CP Hall

May 2
The Historian, Sex, Marriage and the Family
Most people think they know what religion is. No one can define it. The historian goes back to the homo sapiens who appeared perhaps 100,000 years ago and tried to say what being human is and what marriage is

Read a copy of Francis’ talk here. Lecture 1

May 9
The Historian, Idolatry, Ideology or unawareness
Since then some people have tried to give it a religious meaning but they don’t know what religion is they often appear confused about what being human is

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May 16
The Historian and Jesus
Jesus spoke a great deal about being human but not much about religion

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May 23
The Historian and the Holy
Some of the most scholarly and rigorous history of the past fifty years is about Holiness. The idea appears absurd to many of our contemporaries. It has a great deal to  say about what it means to be human

Read a copy of the lecture here. Lecture 4

Dr. Francis Brooks
Born London, 30 March, 1936
M.A. (Cambridge), History 1967
Ph.D. (Princeton), History, 1976
Order of Friars Minor (Francisscans), 1954-69
Ordained Priest, 1961
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in History,
Flinders University, 1974-2000.