As can be seen from the long list of Cathedral activities and interests within our community, there is a huge range of tasks that require some unique and not so unique talents and skills to enable it be an iconic buiding in Adelaide with a live vibant community supporting these activities.

The Cathedral Community is thankful for its over 200 volunteer staff that enable it to continue to keep its doors open, the shop running and worship offered. It is surprising to discover that there are over 50 people involved in leading the major Sunday morning Choral Eucharist. There are so many opportunities for volunteering in the Cathedral and we are continually recruiting volunteers in numerous areas not just from the ranks of the Cathedral Community but from the general community as well as from Anglican and other denominational parishes. Opportunities for volunteering at the Cathedral are legion but we are always looking for people who might be able to train as Welcomers who give a friendly greeting to those who walk through the doors each day.

If you would like to join our vibrant community by volunteering your time and talents please contact the  Cathedral Office.

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