St Peter’s Cathedral will again offer parking to Adelaide Oval for select events this year. Parking will be at the cost of $15 per park, per event – from 1 and a half hours prior to kick-off (times shown are kick-off times) until 1 hour after the event’s completion. Dates the carpark will be available are listed below.

Please note: Dates and availability for parking are subject to change. Confirmation of dates will be published here on our website, Facebook and E-News closer to each game.

Unfortunately this year we are unable to offer any pre-booking or seasonal passes for car parking in the Cathedral. It will be a matter of first come, first serve.

All funds raised will be going towards the St Peter’s Cathedral Choir’s Europe Tour at the end of this year.

Car Park Availability for January to June 2023

Carparking will resume when the Cricket begins later this year

*Car parking is at the discretion of the Dean of St Peter’s Cathedral. Dates may change without prior notice.