Archbishop's Christmas Message

Christmas – the hope of the vulnerable  - 

 Once more the vulnerability of children is capturing the headlines, with the Federal Government calling a Royal Commission into child abuse within Australian institutions, churches and community groups.

While most child abuse actually happens in and around families, every initiative that reduces its prevalence within the community is to be welcomed.  The innocence and vulnerability of children is a sacred thing.

While the need for a Royal Commission reflects this vulnerability in a particular and saddening way, Christmas speaks of it in a way that touches the deepest of human need with a message of hope.

At Christmas we celebrate the coming of God in the most vulnerable and defenceless human form; that of a child. The most sacred is in the most vulnerable; the most vulnerable is the most sacred.

This is the counter-intuitive message of Christmas to a world wedded to the idea of power as strength and dominance, of conflict being resolved by conquest, of peace being maintained by weapons. God comes as a defenceless child. 

And if we dare to expect the presence of God in a child, then every child is in some sense sacred. 

If we dare to expect God to come in the vulnerability that is a child, then we must be prepared to see the face of God in all the vulnerable and needy.

And if we dare to expect God to come in such vulnerability, then perhaps we can expect to find God within our own vulnerabilities as well.

God comes as a vulnerable child.  God is found in all human vulnerability.

This is the joy of Christmas and it is a message of hope for our time. 

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