Joining the Choir

Why should you consider joining?

Leaen more about Choir and music at St Peters Cathedral by watching the video Giving Voice

The Cathedral Choir is:

  • The only choir of children and adults of its type in Adelaide. 
  • A choir, which, unlike other choirs for children, costs nothing to join; in fact, the Cathedral trebles receive a small amount of pocket-money for their work! 
  • Made up of 20 trebles who, along with the Lay Clerks (altos, tenors and basses), are highly trained and who develop excellent musical skills. Free education is provided. 
  • A choir which learns music by composers such as Palestrina, Byrd, Tallis, Purcell, Handel, Bach, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Mozart, Haydn, Vaughan Williams and many more. 
  • A choir whose trebles are recognised as some of the finest young singers in the state. They have been invited to perform with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and the State Opera Company. Many of Adelaide's finest schools offer scholarships for students who sing in the Cathedral Choir. 
  • The cornerstone of the Cathedral Series of concerts. 
  • Involved in CD and DVD recordings. 

The altos, tenors and basses are some of Adelaide’s best choral singers, with many performing regularly with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Adelaide Chamber Singers. One organ scholarship and three choral scholarships are offered annually.


Current vacancies

There are currently vacancies in the Treble and Tenor sections of the choir. Please contact the Director of Music through the Office for more information.

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