William Butterfield was not happy with the decision to build the Cathedral mainly in local stone, so he withdrew from the project and Edward John Woods took over the planning and the building. The current building is longer than the original plan, having more windows and spires. The front of the building is believed to have been modelled on the front of the Church of St Jean-Baptise de Belleville in Paris which itself has many similarities with Notre Dame de Paris. Woods had studied in Paris and lived close to this church which was built in the neo-gothic style which was in vogue and promoted by the French architect Viollet-le-duc.

The architects of the Cathedral after Butterfield include:

• Edward.J. Woods 1869 – 1916
• Walter.H. Bagot 1916 – 1945
• James.C. Irwin 1945 – 1974
• Reginald.G. Steele 1974 – 1978
• Richard.B. Peacock 1978 – 1981
• Douglas.P. Michelmore 1981 – 1983

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